The US Constitution and a wooden judge's gavel all with an American flag background.
In Wisconsin, Radical Proposal to Amend U.S. Constitution is Introduced
Go to for more information about the dangerous and misguided effort to alter the U.S. Constitution that is being considered by the Wisconsin legislature.
Young Girl at School Holding a Computer Mouse
Budget Cuts and Teacher Shortages: With Fewer Resources, Schools Struggle to Find Teachers
Wisconsin students attend schools that invest significantly less resources per student than they did a decade ago. School spending in Wisconsin declined in recent years, in contrast to the national trend of increasing resources for schools. Most school spending consists of employee salaries and benefits, and Wisconsin school districts have reduced both.
A Wisconsin Budget for All: How We Can Invest to Help Wisconsin Communities Thrive
For too long, we’ve all been told that there’s not enough money in the budget to help our communities thrive. That is not true.

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The Threat of a Constitutional Convention to Enact a Balanced Budget Amendment
September 22, 2017
A national effort is underway to pass state resolutions calling for a Constitutional convention to reduce the authority and powers of the federal government, including a balanced budget amendment.
An Updated Summary of the Proposed Budget for K-12 Education
September 20, 2017
Wisconsin state lawmakers are in the process of passing an education budget that significantly increases resources for Wisconsin K-12 schools, with most of the increase delivered in a way that would move the state away from its commitment to providing more assistance to districts with less capacity to boost local property tax support for schools. The budget also increases the amount of public money going to private schools and cuts property taxes compared to what they would otherwise be.
An Updated Summary of the Proposed Budget for Taxes and Revenue
September 14, 2017
The state budget proposal approved by the legislature’s budget committee includes more than $400 million in tax cuts, as well as a smaller amount of tax and fee increases. Most of the tax cuts are aimed at reducing the amount of property taxes that individuals and businesses pay.
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