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A Summary of the Governor’s Proposed Budget for K-12 Education

Governor Walker has proposed an education budget that cuts state support to public schools, freezes local support, devotes new resources to private schools, and cuts property taxes.

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Breaking with Tradition: How Wisconsin Lawmakers Have Shortchanged a Legacy of Investment in the State’s Future

Since 2011, a majority of state lawmakers have turned their backs on Wisconsin’s long and proud history of investment in education, health care and other assets that once ensured the state’s civic and economic progress.

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Pulling Apart 2015: Focus on Wisconsin’s 1%

Wisconsin’s growth and prosperity are not being widely shared. Over the last 40 years, Wisconsin’s richest residents have experienced dramatic increases in income, while Wisconsinites not among the very highest earners saw little or no income growth.

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The 2015-17 Budget Bill and Opportunities to Improve It
April 17, 2015

Budget PowerPoint – 4-15-15…
This slide show is our PowerPoint presentation for the April 15 conference of the WI chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.  It summarizes the effects of the proposed budget for children and human services,

Better Choices for the Wisconsin Budget: Legislators Can Avoid Deep Cuts without Raising Taxes
April 14, 2015

State legislators have an opportunity to protect Wisconsin’s assets by passing a budget that strengthens, rather than weakens, Wisconsin’s public schools, public university, and health care system.

Where is Your Income Tax Money Going?
April 14, 2015

In Wisconsin, revenue from the income tax supports safe communities, well-maintained bridges and roads, and public schools that act as a foundation for economic growth.

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