Prison Price Tag: The High Cost of Wisconsin’s Corrections Policies
By emphasizing high-cost incarceration that has produced questionable results over less expensive alternatives, lawmakers require taxpayers and communities to pick up the bill for the state’s short-sighted priorities.
bills on a line
Paying for Job Reductions: The Unreported Story of a Ballooning Tax Credit
An uncapped Wisconsin corporate tax credit is expected to balloon to $279 million in the next fiscal year, more than twice the original cost projection.
Young Girl at School Holding a Computer Mouse
Proposed Limits Would Make it More Difficult for Voters to Approve New Resources for Schools
Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed a change that would make it more difficult for voters to approve additional resources for children in public schools in their districts. Wisconsin lawmakers are seeking to limit the opportunities voters have to approve referenda, by prohibiting a school district from sending a referendum to voters for a period of two years after a referendum was rejected by voters.

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Budget Cuts and Teacher Shortages: With Fewer Resources, Schools Struggle to Find Teachers
January 12, 2017
Wisconsin students attend schools that invest significantly less resources per student than they did a decade ago. School spending in Wisconsin declined in recent years, in contrast to the national trend of increasing resources for schools. Most school spending consists of employee salaries and benefits, and Wisconsin school districts have reduced both.
The Big Giveaway: Updated Figures
June 29, 2016
New information sheds additional light on the size of the Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit for the very richest individuals.
The Big Giveaway: Costly Tax Credit has Done Little to Boost Employment
June 28, 2016
A new tax break that allows some businesses to pay next to nothing in income taxes winds up mostly in the pockets of the extremely wealthy.
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