Wisconsin’s Prison Price Tag: Still Growing
A leading official in Governor Walker’s administration has said that the state will need to spend more money – soon – to expand the state’s prison capacity. State policymakers should take this opportunity to reform the state’s corrections system in a way that locks up fewer people, keeps costs down, and protects public safety.
Rural, Northern Wisconsin Projected to Lose Large Numbers of Children in Coming Years
In some areas of northern and central Wisconsin, the number of children is expected to decline by up to a quarter over the next 25 years, presenting a host of challenges to communities that are already struggling to stay economically vibrant.
Wisconsin’s Tax Ranking Drops, but Pace of Job Creation Stays Slow
Wisconsin’s ranking among the states in many measures of government revenue and spending has dropped considerably since about 2000, but that hasn’t translated into an increased pace of job creation.

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A Summary of Special Session Bills
February 13, 2018
Governor Scott Walker has called a special session to make sweeping changes to Wisconsin’s public assistance program. Most of the bills in the Governor’s special session will restrict eligibility for important safety net programs or create administrative barriers to participation in those programs.
2018 Federal Poverty Levels
February 13, 2018
Federal officials recently released the 2018 Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, better known as the federal poverty levels (FPL). States and the federal government use the guidelines to determine eligibility for many public assistance programs, such as Medicaid, BadgerCare, and child care subsidies.
Wisconsin’s Public Sector is Smaller than Most States’
February 5, 2018
Wisconsin ranks 36th in the number of government workers per population, and the pay that public employees receive in Wisconsin is less than the national average, according to government figures published by the U.S. Census Bureau.
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