Publications for 2010

New Year Brings At Least $210 Million in New Tax Cuts: Phased-In Cuts Contribute to Structural Deficit

December 13, 2010
At least eight new or expanded state tax cuts and tax credits will go into effect at the beginning of 2011

New Spending Figures Show Difficulty of Making Deep Cuts

October 6, 2010
It’s never easy making deep budget cuts, but characteristics of the Wisconsin state budget may make cutbacks particularly painful.

Wisconsin Schools Slip Toward Average in Spending and Class Size

August 31, 2010
Once a national leader in educational innovation, in the past few years Wisconsin has fallen closer to the national average in many measures of educational support.

The Recovery Act: Direct Benefits in Wisconsin, Six Provisions Benefit Wisconsin Residents by More Than $3 Billion

August 18, 2010
A county-by-county analysis of distribution for Wisconsinites of the funding from direct benefits in the Recovery Act.

New Census Data on State and Local Spending and Revenue

July 19, 2010
Wisconsin’s rankings on a wide variety of revenue and spending measures have fallen since 2000, relative to other states.

TANF Emergency Fund Helps Cushion Effects of the Recession and Creates Options for State Policymakers

June 22, 2010
An examination of the role of the TANF Emergency Contingency Fund (authorized by the Recovery Act) in helping Wisconsin cope with sharp increases in W-2 caseloads and higher spending for the state earned income tax credit, and in initiating a transitional jobs demonstration program.

Budget Bob: Keep it Real

May 20, 2010
The Budget Bob Show, Episode 3

How Does Wisconsin Compare in State and Local Spending and Expenditure Growth?

April 13, 2010
A comparison of state and local spending in Wisconsin with other states.

Examining Wisconsin’s Progress in Leveling the Tax System for Retailers

April 12, 2010
Sales tax is due on purchases made by Wisconsin residents, whether the purchase is made in a bricks and mortar store or an online business. However, some large online retailers, such as, do not collect the sales tax due on purchases made by Wisconsin residents.