Publications for 2011

Losing Out: How Wisconsin Surrendered $1.3 Billion in Federal Money

December 12, 2011
Wisconsin families will lose out on more than $1 billion in federal money for health care, job training, child support, education and transportation as a result of decisions at the state level.

$4.7 Billion from Two Recovery Measures Directly Benefitted Wisconsin Residents

November 1, 2011
Two important stimulus efforts -- extended jobless benefits and the payroll tax cut -- will expire at the end of the year unless Congress takes action. This analysis includes a county-by-county estimate of payments received through those two programs.

On the Path To Becoming a ‘C’ Student in Education – Once a National Leader, Wisconsin Slips Toward Average

August 30, 2011
Over the last few years in Wisconsin, growth in support for classroom learning has not kept up with the national average, state support for schools has declined, and student/teacher ratios have increased. The massive cuts to schools in the 2011-13 budget will likely exacerbate these troubling trends.

Tax Cuts and Tax Increases in the Budget Bill and 2011 Special Session Bills

July 14, 2011
This two-page fact sheet describes the fiscal effect of tax cuts and tax increases in the 2011-13 biennial budget bill.

Effects of the Biennial Budget Bill and Budget Repair Bill on Working Families

July 14, 2011
A summary of some of the ways that the proposed 2011-13 budget bill and the budget repair bill will affect working families, particularly low-wage workers.

Increasing Share of Scarce Resources Spent on Corrections

July 6, 2011
Spending on corrections is taking up an increasingly large share of the state budget.

Comparative Analysis of 2011-13 Biennial Budget Bill

July 6, 2011
A summary of the 2011-13 biennial budget bill.

The Budget’s Real-Life Impact on Wisconsin Families

June 23, 2011
It’s clear the 2011-13 state budget hits the state’s most vulnerable families the hardest. This analysis shows how the budget would affect individual working-class families.