Publications for 2013

End of Federal Unemployment Benefits Would Harm Wisconsin Economy

December 18, 2013
Federal help for Americans unemployed for long stretches, which will expire at the end of December unless Congress acts, gives an important boost to local economies. Allowing it to end now would hurt Wisconsin businesses, as well as jobless workers and their families.

Thousands of Jobless Wisconsin Workers Face Termination of Benefits

December 2, 2013
Thousands of out-of-work Wisconsinites who have been searching for a job for a long time will lose their unemployment benefits at the end of the year, making it harder for them to put food on the table and make ends meet, unless Congress acts.

Vulnerable Wisconsin Families to Receive Less Food Assistance

October 30, 2013
Nearly 900,000 people in Wisconsin will have a harder time putting food on the table starting in November, when a temporary boost to FoodShare, Wisconsin’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), ends.

Get the Credit You Deserve: Tax Chart

September 11, 2013
Many Wisconsin low-income families miss out on their full tax refund because they do not claim tax credits for which they are eligible.

Effects of the 2013-15 Wisconsin Budget for Low-wage Workers

August 29, 2013
Workers in Wisconsin and across the U.S. must still cope with a relatively weak labor market. That is especially challenging for low-wage workers who are struggling with the declining value of the minimum wage, reductions in employer benefits like health care, and growing inequality. Those challenges are exacerbated in Wisconsin by budget decisions made by state lawmakers.

Fewer Teachers, More Poverty Mean Challenges for Wisconsin Schools

August 26, 2013
Schools have long been an engine of our state’s economic growth. We have depended on a well-educated workforce, shaped by excellent public schools, to lay the foundation for our prosperity. To ensure that Wisconsin is competitive in the future, Wisconsin schools must have the resources to offer students a high-quality education.

7 Fiscal Sins: How the Budget Bill Puts Wisconsin on Less Secure Financial Footing

August 12, 2013
One of the very disappointing things about the biennial budget bill is that fiscal conservatives who espoused responsible budgeting two years ago seemed to forget many of those principles this year.

10 Reasons Why This is a “Robin Hood in Reverse” Budget

August 6, 2013
Wisconsin’s 2013-15 budget bill employs a “Robin Hood in reverse” strategy for allocating resources. This issue brief explains ten significant examples of how the new budget shifts funding from the poor to the wealthy.