Publications for 2015

Proposed Limit Would Restrict New Resources for Schools, Even as Amended

December 16, 2015
Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed a change that would make it more difficult for voters to approve additional resources for children in public schools in their district. An amendment to the bill would make the limits less restrictive than originally proposed, but would still make it more difficult for residents to pass referenda increasing local support for schools.

At Risk: Improvements to Tax Credits for Working Families, Amounts by Congressional District and County

December 1, 2015
Congress has an opportunity this fall to save key provisions of two tax credits that benefit working families across Wisconsin.

Prison Price Tag: The High Cost of Wisconsin’s Corrections Policies

November 19, 2015
By emphasizing high-cost incarceration that has produced questionable results over less expensive alternatives, lawmakers require taxpayers and communities to pick up the bill for the state’s short-sighted priorities.

Middle of the Pack: Wisconsin Government Revenue is Not Out of Line

October 29, 2015
Despite claims that Wisconsin is a high-spending state, it is actually close to average in many measures of revenue and spending among the states, according to new figures from the Census Bureau.

Proposed Limits Would Make it More Difficult for Voters to Approve New Resources for Schools

October 27, 2015
Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed a change that would make it more difficult for voters to approve additional resources for children in public schools in their districts. Wisconsin lawmakers are seeking to limit the opportunities voters have to approve referenda, by prohibiting a school district from sending a referendum to voters for a period of two years after a referendum was rejected by voters.

Failure to Save Key Provisions to Tax Credits Would Harm Wisconsin Working Families

September 28, 2015
Unless Congress acts to save key provisions of two working family tax credits, Wisconsin’s working families may pay more in taxes and have a harder time making ends meet.

Fewer Teachers, Less Experienced Teachers Mean Challenges for Wisconsin’s Public Schools

August 25, 2015
Wisconsin public schools face significant challenges, including a long-term reduction in resources, student-teacher ratios that have grown faster than the national average, and fewer experienced teachers.

An Updated Overview of Health Care Issues in the 2015-17 Budget

July 20, 2015
Although the budget bill significantly increases state funding for Medicaid and BadgerCare in order to address cost increases, it also contains a number of cuts to important health care services. Those cuts and much of the increased spending from state revenue could be avoided if Wisconsin expanded BadgerCare eligibility to more low-income adults.

Children’s Issues in the 2015-17 Wisconsin Budget

July 14, 2015
Budget decisions made by lawmakers help determine whether children in Wisconsin attend high‑quality public schools, have access to health care when they need it, and live in financially secure families. By making investments in children today, lawmakers can ensure that Wisconsin will have a well-educated, healthy workforce in the future, laying the foundation for broad-based prosperity and economic growth down the road.