9 Posts About the Ryan Budget

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Everything You Need to Know about the Budget that is “Robin Hood in Reverse…on Steroids”

Here are nine recent blog posts by the Wisconsin Budget Project and the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, with information about how the federal budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan would affect states, health care, taxes, and low-income programs.

1. Lopsided Approach to Federal Deficit Could Cost Wisconsin Millions of Dollars
August 8, 2012
If significant new revenue isn’t included, efforts to reduce federal deficits — including the budget proposed by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan — would almost certainly damage Wisconsin’s economic recovery and future growth.

2. Nuns on a Bus Challenge Paul Ryan Budget
June 21, 2012
Some Catholics are having “nun” of the budget drafted by Paul Ryan, which would give sizable tax cuts to high earners and roll back programs serving vulnerable residents.

3. What if Ryan’s Medicaid Block Grant had Taken Effect in 2001?
April 20, 2012
If Ryan’s Medicaid block grant proposal had taken effect in 2001, Wisconsin would have lost 39 percent of its Medicaid funding in 2010.

4. Can Conservatives in Congress Cut without Consequences?
April 20, 2012
Paul Ryan and other Republicans favor a shift to block grants for key social services. But past experience shows that moving to block grant status can hamper a state’s efforts to respond to economic downturns.

5. Ryan Budget Slashes Health Care Funding
April 10, 2012
Block-granting Medicaid would shift a much larger share of Medicaid costs to states, where there are already substantial budget challenges.

6. Krugman Calls House Fiscal Plan ‘The Most Fraudulent Budget in American History’
April 9, 2012
Despite the huge cuts in the Ryan budget, his tax cuts for the rich would leave a bigger deficit than the President’s plan.

7. The Hunger Games, Wisconsin-Style
April 2, 2012
The Ryan budget proposes very significant cuts to nutrition assistance that would require ending assistance for millions of low-income households, cutting benefit levels to millions of households, or some combination of the two. In Wisconsin, one out of every seven residents depends on food stamps to make ends meet.

8. House Passes Budget with Huge Spending Cuts for Poor and Tax Cuts for Rich
March 30, 2012
The Ryan budget would drive a giant wedge into the growing gap between rich and poor. Some described this budget as “Robin Hood in reverse…on steroids.”

9. Analyzing the Ryan Road Map 2.0
March 21, 2012
Ryan’s budget specifies a spending path under which, by 2050, most of the federal government would cease to exist except for Social Security, health care, and defense.

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