Blog Posts by Tamarine Cornelius

Rural, Northern Wisconsin Projected to Lose Large Numbers of Children in Coming Years

October 19, 2017

In some areas of northern and central Wisconsin, the number of children is expected to decline by up to a quarter over the next 25 years, presenting a host of challenges to communities that are already struggling to stay economically … Read more

Wisconsin’s Tax Ranking Drops, but Pace of Job Creation Stays Slow

October 17, 2017

Wisconsin’s ranking among the states in many measures of government revenue and spending has dropped considerably since about 2000, but that hasn’t translated into an increased pace of job creation, new figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show. In fact, … Read more

What the Trump Tax Plan Means for Wisconsin Taxpayers, in Six Charts

October 6, 2017

The tax plan being advanced by President Trump and Republican members of Congress would mostly benefit the extremely rich, despite initial claims by proponents that it would be targeted at members of the middle class.

Provisions included in the tax … Read more

Push by Lawmakers to Break Up Racine School District Could Segregate Students by Race, Income

October 5, 2017

A provision that Wisconsin lawmakers included in the state budget would stratify students in the Racine area by income and race and make it more difficult for the Racine school district to improve academic opportunities for students. The budget encourages  … Read more

To Observe Constitution Day, Protect Constitution from Threat of Convention

September 18, 2017

Sunday, September 17th was Constitution Day, a holiday that recognizes the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and those who have become citizens. This year, Constitution Day marked the 230th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution by delegates … Read more

Unemployment is Low, but Wisconsin Workers Face a Host of Other Roadblocks

September 1, 2017

Even as the state’s unemployment rate declines, Wisconsin workers face significant barriers to economic stability, according to a new look at the state’s labor market. Long-term stagnation in wages, a black/white economic disparity that is among the largest of any … Read more

Five Reasons the Foxconn Deal Would be Bad for Wisconsin

August 21, 2017

Governor Walker has proposed an unprecedented package of businesses incentives aimed at encouraging Foxconn to build a manufacturing facility in southeast Wisconsin. The deal could result in the state paying Foxconn nearly $3 billion in state money over the next … Read more

Lawmakers Seek to Eliminate or Limit Tool that Lets School Districts Save Money

August 15, 2017

A provision included in the proposed state budget would restrict school districts from exceeding their state-imposed budget caps in order to fund money-saving energy efficiency improvements.

Currently, the state sets a limit on how much money each school district can … Read more

Under Deal, State Could Reward Foxconn for Creating Jobs that Pay Near-Poverty Wages

August 10, 2017

(Update: The version of the bill that was approved by the Assembly on August 17, 2017 subsidizes jobs that pay at least $30,000.)

With the state offering enormous subsidies to lure Foxconn to Wisconsin, lawmakers should at the very minimum … Read more

Growing Gap between Rich and Everyone Else Thwarts Economic Opportunity

August 8, 2017

It turns out that a rising tide doesn’t lift all boats.

As the economy has expanded over the past decades, prosperity has not been broadly shared. Income gains have been directed into the pockets of those who already have very … Read more