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Can You Hear Me Now? How about Now? Wisconsin Residents Again Voice Support for Raising Minimum Wage

September 22, 2016

Half of Wisconsin residents support a very large increase in Wisconsin’s minimum wage that would more than double what the lowest-paid workers earn, according to a new Marquette University poll. Yet Wisconsin lawmakers have yet  to show any inclination … Read more

In Some Rural Wisconsin Counties, Residents are as Likely to be Locked up as in Urban Counties

September 19, 2016

Counties in rural northeast Wisconsin send as many people to prison for their size as the urban counties in southeast Wisconsin, according to newly-released figures on prison admissions. High prison admission rates from some rural Wisconsin counties are part of … Read more

Decline in Unions Hurts Non-Unionized Workers Too

September 12, 2016

The decline in unions has reduced pay for non-unionized workers as well as unionized ones, costing some workers thousands of dollars a year in lost wages, and is a major contributor to growing levels of income inequality, according to a … Read more

Tax Gimmick Would Have Little Benefit, Come at a Cost

September 7, 2016

Governor Walker has said he will include a back-to-school sales tax holiday in his proposed budget, a gimmick that would reduce the resources available to support Wisconsin’s schools, university system, and communities, without providing any real economic benefit.

The sales … Read more

Decline in State Support for UW System Dates Back over a Decade

August 29, 2016

Wisconsin provides far less public support per student to the University of Wisconsin System than it did fifteen years ago, according to an analysis of newly-released figures.

In 2016, the state provided $6,800 in General Purpose Revenue (GPR) support to … Read more

Wisconsin Undercuts its Own Success in Improving Child Care Quality

August 18, 2016

Wisconsin’s commitment to affordable child care for working families has waned in recent years, making it more difficult for child care providers to work towards improving the quality of child care, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Council Read more

The Teacher Pay Penalty is Bigger than Ever

August 15, 2016

Public school teachers earn significantly less than comparable workers – and the gap is growing wider, making it more difficult to attract new teachers to the profession.

Nationally, public school teachers earned 17.0% less per week worked than other workers … Read more

Wisconsin’s Public Sector Comes with a Low Cost, Compared to Other States

August 8, 2016

Wisconsin is leaner in most types of public sector jobs than all but a few other states, according to a review of employment figures by Governing.

Only three states have fewer public workers working in areas other than education … Read more

Governor’s Statements Give Hints of What’s to Come in Next Budget

August 2, 2016

Governor Walker’s public statements and his instructions to state agencies on how to develop their proposals for Wisconsin’s next state budget give some glimpses into what the state’s 2017-19 budget might bring.

Wisconsin has a two-year budget. The process of … Read more

Mortgage Lending Patterns in Milwaukee Reinforce Segregated Poverty

July 26, 2016

White residents of the Milwaukee metropolitan area have significant more access to mortgage lending than black and Hispanic residents, according to a new report that highlights how lending patterns affect different communities.

Whites represent 70% of the population in the … Read more