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Lawmakers Seek to Eliminate or Limit Tool that Lets School Districts Save Money

August 15, 2017

A provision included in the proposed state budget would restrict school districts from exceeding their state-imposed budget caps in order to fund money-saving energy efficiency improvements.

Currently, the state sets a limit on how much money each school district can … Read more

Under Deal, State Could Reward Foxconn for Creating Jobs that Pay Near-Poverty Wages

August 10, 2017

With the state offering enormous subsidies to lure Foxconn to Wisconsin, lawmakers should at the very minimum build in requirements that the new jobs pay family-supporting wages. But the $3 billion proposed deal could result in the state cutting checks … Read more

Growing Gap between Rich and Everyone Else Thwarts Economic Opportunity

August 8, 2017

It turns out that a rising tide doesn’t lift all boats.

As the economy has expanded over the past decades, prosperity has not been broadly shared. Income gains have been directed into the pockets of those who already have very … Read more

Without Action from Policymakers, Many Will Continue to be Cut Off from Economic Opportunity

July 27, 2017

An improving economy should offer more people a chance to climb the economic ladder to the middle class. But too many people in Wisconsin and nationwide are still being left behind, with their path to prosperity blocked by low-paying jobs, … Read more

Wisconsin Voters Understand Importance of Making Public Investments in Education, Health Care

June 29, 2017

Wisconsin voters want the state to make additional investments in K-12 education and health coverage and are willing to pay more in taxes to pay for it, according to a new poll conducted by Marquette University.

The poll showed … Read more

Windfall: Recent Tax Cuts Deliver Big Benefits to Wisconsin’s Richest Residents

June 27, 2017

PizzaA series of major tax cuts passed between 2011 and 2016 has been a boon to the wealthy, giving big tax breaks to Wisconsin residents with the highest incomes. A new analysis by the Wisconsin Budget Project takes a look … Read more

Out of Sync: Wisconsin Lawmakers Still in Search of Agreement on Major Components of State Budget

June 23, 2017

After several weeks of deliberating, Wisconsin lawmakers have settled large chunks of the state budget but are still working out disagreements in the areas of K-12 education, transportation finance, and taxes.

In the meantime, Assembly Republicans have released their own … Read more

Lawmakers Seek to Rescind Voters’ Decisions to Raise Resources for Local Schools on an On-going Basis

June 22, 2017

Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed stripping nearly $200 million in voter-approved resources from school districts across the state as part of a package of legislation aimed at making it more difficult for voters to raise taxes on themselves to pay for … Read more

President Trump’s Budget Would Make it Harder for Wisconsin to Strengthen its Workforce

June 19, 2017

President Trump visited the Milwaukee area last week, tweeting that he was “heading to the Great State of Wisconsin to talk about “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” Expanding opportunities for workers and developing the state’s workforce should be a top priority for … Read more

Kansas’ Experiment Yields Valuable Lessons

June 12, 2017
Kansas map

Wisconsin lawmakers should heed the warnings from Kansas

Wisconsin lawmakers advocating for additional tax cuts should consider the example of Kansas, a state that has pushed through enormous tax cuts and that has been held up by tax-cut proponents as Read more