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Public Money for Private Schools Gets a Boost in Governor Walker’s Budget

April 25, 2017

Governor Walker has proposed significantly increasing resources for Wisconsin’s public schools, a move that has gotten a great deal of attention – and has attracted some controversy for the size of the increase. But his budget also includes a major … Read more

High Cost, Little Benefit to Tax Gimmick Under Consideration

April 20, 2017

Governor Walker has proposed a back-to-school sales tax holiday, a gimmick that would reduce the resources available to support Wisconsin’s schools, university system, and communities, without providing any real economic benefit.

Under the proposal, purchases of school supplies, computers, and … Read more

Governor Proposes Expanding Tax Credit that Encourages Work and Improves Children’s Opportunities

April 18, 2017

Governor Walker has proposed increasing the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit for some families, a move that would improve child well-being and expand economic opportunity for families with low and moderate incomes. He included the measure in his proposal for … Read more

To Build a Strong Economy and Create Jobs, Invest in What Works

April 17, 2017

Tomorrow is April 18th, the deadline for most people to file their income tax forms without penalty. (April 17 is a holiday in Washington, D.C., pushing off the deadline for filing until today.) We hear a lot of negative messages … Read more

Wisconsin’s Tax System Exacerbates Growing Gap between Rich and Everyone Else

April 14, 2017

Wisconsin is a better place when we all do well. Unfortunately, while the wealthiest have seen their incomes skyrocket in recent decades, incomes have stagnated for the middle class and those who struggle hardest to make ends meet. It’s becoming … Read more

Plan to Restrict Voters’ Ability to Approve School Referendums Could Hurt Rural Districts

April 11, 2017

Some state lawmakers are seeking to restrict the ability of Wisconsin residents to raise new resources for schools, by banning certain types of school referendums and limiting others. The proposed measures have the potential to harm rural school districts, many … Read more

Voters Approve School Referendums across Wisconsin

April 7, 2017

On Tuesday, voters in many Wisconsin school districts approved new resources for children in public schools.

Voters approved 40 out of 65 school referendums on the ballot, raising their property taxes to replace school buildings, improve academic offerings, and provide … Read more

Five Ways Trump’s Budget Proposal Would Harm Wisconsin

March 30, 2017

President Trump has released an outline of a federal budget that would make it harder for Wisconsin families to make ends meet, harm the environment, and make it less likely for students to graduate –  leaving the state on the … Read more

Wisconsin Residents Think Public Schools are Doing a Good Job and Want Lawmakers to Boost Funding

March 23, 2017

An overwhelming majority of Wisconsin residents think schools are doing a good job and favor increasing state support to K-12 schools in the next budget, a new poll by Marquette University shows.

Eighty percent of poll respondents said they want … Read more

In Wisconsin, Radical Proposal to Amend U.S. Constitution is Introduced

March 20, 2017
Go to for more information about the dangerous and misguided effort to alter the U.S. Constitution that is being considered by the Wisconsin legislature.