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Governor’s Guidance Gives Hints of What’s to come in Next Budget

July 31, 2014

Governor Walker has given state agencies guidance on how to develop their proposals for Wisconsin’s next budget, giving some glimpses into what the state’s 2015-17 budget might bring. 

Wisconsin has a two-year budget. The budget process starts in the … Read more

Paul Ryan’s New Poverty Plan Focuses on Opportunity, but Comes up Short

July 29, 2014

Paul Ryan has a released a new poverty plan that advocates consolidating federal safety net programs and turning the money over to the states. It’s always worth taking a look at changes that could make anti-poverty program more effective, but … Read more

Five Years with No Raise for Minimum Wage Workers

July 24, 2014

LivethewageToday marks the fifth anniversary of the last increase in the federal minimum wage, which has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009.

The minimum wage has lost about 11% of its purchasing power due to inflation since 2009, … Read more

Tax Cuts Aren’t Delivering Job Growth, in Wisconsin or Elsewhere

July 17, 2014

Wisconsin isn’t the only state that has made deep tax cuts on the premise of boosting the economy, only to find out that the promised job growth has not materialized. Kansas and North Carolina also passed large tax cuts and … Read more

New Bill in Congress Would Make Wisconsin’s Budget Harder to Balance

July 10, 2014

A bill under consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives could limit Wisconsin’s flexibility in applying sales tax and make it more difficult to invest in schools and communities, a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Read more

Falling Behind: Support for Wisconsin’s Schools Not Keeping up with Inflation

July 8, 2014

Most school districts will receive less state support next school year than they did this school year, when the rising cost of living is taken into account. Fifty-nine percent of Wisconsin districts will either receive less general aid next year … Read more

State Lawmakers Act to Limit Local Control

June 24, 2014

In recent years, the Wisconsin legislature has passed more than 60 measures that represent unfunded mandates for local governments or restrict the authority of local governments.

Many state lawmakers embrace the idea of local control, saying that they believe governing … Read more

Job Growth in Wisconsin Still Slow, Despite Numerous Tax Breaks

June 19, 2014

Wisconsin continues to perform poorly in private sector job growth, according to new employment figures released today.

The number of private sector jobs in Wisconsin grew by 1.2% in 2013, compared to 2.1% nationally. The new jobs figures come from … Read more

Still Waiting: Unlike U.S., Wisconsin Has not Returned to Pre-recession Job Levels

June 12, 2014


After more than six years from the start of the Great Recession, the U.S. at long last has more jobs than it did before the recession. For Wisconsin though, that achievement is likely to be a few months … Read more

Recent Tax Cuts Deliver Little to Lowest Earners

June 3, 2014

Pizza-graphic-2If the legislature wants to keep taxes low for people with modest incomes, the best way to do that is to strengthen tax credits that keep taxes affordable for low-income people and individuals, not hand out untargeted tax cuts. That’s … Read more