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School Meals Are Important to Students During Summer Months, Too

May 31, 2016

Summer is almost here, and children will be out of school – but many of them will still have access to free or reduced-price meals through a program that helps students get their nutritional needs met during the summer months.… Read more

Wisconsin’s Middle Class: Still Solid, but Losing Ground

May 17, 2016

Wisconsin’s middle class, while still one of the largest in the country, is shrinking. Most of the loss has occurred as people fell out of the middle class to the lower income tier, rather than climbing into the upper tier.… Read more

Skipped Debt Payment – and Higher Costs – Point to Need for Better Budget Planning

May 12, 2016

Governor Walker has delayed a payment on the state’s debt, pushing costs off into the future and increasing the amount of interest the state will have to pay.  Postponing debt payments can be a helpful tool to manage budget shortfalls, … Read more

Millionaires Love Minnesota: Number of Wealthy Climb in Minnesota after Tax Increase

May 11, 2016

Three years ago, Minnesota implemented a new, higher income tax bracket aimed at requiring wealthy Minnesotans to pay their fair share. Now, new figures show that the number of very rich taxpayers in the state increased in the period after … Read more

Wisconsin’s Waning Commitment to Educational Opportunity Regardless of Economic Status

May 4, 2016

Wisconsin is committing a shrinking share of its resources for education to making sure that students have access to an excellent education regardless of whether they live in a poor community or a wealthy one.

The state funds about 62 … Read more

Money and Academic Success: Comparing School Districts in Wisconsin

May 3, 2016

Data from Sean F. Reardon, Demetra Kalogrides, Andrew Ho, Ben Shear, Kenneth Shores, Erin Fahle. (2016). Stanford Education Data Archive.… Read more

Wisconsin No Longer Making Headway in Boosting State’s Rainy Day Fund

May 2, 2016

Regularly putting money into the state’s Rainy Day Fund during periods of sustained economic growth helps build up a budget cushion on which the state can rely to cushion the impact of recessions and avoid harmful budget cuts. But before … Read more

Wisconsin Residents Favor Increasing Taxes on Wealthy, Poll Shows, But Lawmakers do the Opposite

April 27, 2016

Wisconsin residents strongly favor raising taxes on the wealthy and large corporations to reduce income inequality, a new poll shows. But instead of raising taxes on these groups, Wisconsin lawmakers have taken steps to give significant tax breaks to taxpayers … Read more

State Budget Cuts Could Lead to Longer Time to Graduation, Outdated Facilities for UW Students

April 20, 2016

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Wisconsin lawmakers cut state funding for the UW System by $125 million per year for the budget period that runs between July 2015 and June 2017, reducing Wisconsin’s investment in keeping higher education accessible and jeopardizing the economic … Read more