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A New Review of Economic Patterns Shows Why Wisconsin’s Job Creation Strategies Haven’t been as Effective as Hoped

February 4, 2016

Cutting taxes and luring companies from other states won’t do much to boost job creation in Wisconsin, according to the findings of a new research report released this week that examines which businesses create jobs and where they create them.… Read more

Three Needed Reforms Would Bring Down the Cost of Wisconsin’s Corrections System

February 2, 2016

Three proposals currently under consideration by state lawmakers have the potential to reduce the amount of money the state spends on corrections, keep people who commit minor crimes out from behind bars, and make it easier for people leaving prison … Read more

Four Charts about Wisconsin’s Public Sector

February 1, 2016

1. Compared to other states, Wisconsin has a lean public sector

Wisconsin had 4.4 percent fewer state and local government employees than the national average given our population size, according to a new analysis from the Wisconsin Budget Project. … Read more

High Cost, Little Benefit to Tax Gimmick under Consideration

January 28, 2016

State lawmakers have proposed a back-to-school sales tax holiday, a gimmick that would reduce the resources available to support Wisconsin’s schools, university system, and communities, without providing any real economic benefit.

Under the proposal, purchases of school supplies, computers, … Read more

Better Funding for Schools Improves Long-Term Outcomes for Students

January 20, 2016

A new research study bolsters a conclusion that many people had already drawn from real-world experience: Better funding for K-12 schools improves long-term outcomes for students. But rather than improve outcomes by making additional investments in Wisconsin’s school system, state … Read more

Lawmakers Considering Proposals that would Hinder Wisconsin’s Ability to Make Investments in State’s Future

January 15, 2016

State lawmakers are considering a number of bills and constitutional changes that would make it difficult for Wisconsin to make necessary investments in local schools, communities, and health care systems. Several of the proposals are aimed at changing the budget … Read more

Most-Read Posts of 2015

December 28, 2015


Happy holidays from Jon and Tamarine at the Wisconsin Budget Project!

Wow, what a year! (I said that at the end of 2014 as well, but that statement holds true again this year.)

2015 was another roller coaster of a … Read more

Wisconsin’s Cuts to K-12 Schools Still Deeper than Nearly All Other States

December 10, 2015

Wisconsin has cut about $1 out of every $8 that it spends supporting students in K-12 schools, a cut larger than all but three other states, according to a new report. Wisconsin cut staWI-Cuts-to-Education-Among-Largestte general funding for K-12 … Read more

Working Families across Wisconsin Stand to Lose Tax Credits, if Congress does not take Action

December 1, 2015

Wisconsin families all across the state will have a harder time making ends meet if Congress does not take action to protect improvements to two important federal tax credits, according to a new analysis from the Wisconsin Budget Project.… Read more