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At Age 50, Medicaid Gives Wisconsin Families Reason to Celebrate

July 30, 2015

Research Finds Long-term Benefits for Covering Kids

Medicaid turns 50 today, which is cause for celebration for Wisconsin children and families. It is a critically important source of health care and financial security for low-income families and individuals, including children, … Read more

Extremely Narrow Budget Margin Underscores Need to Increase Budget Cushion

July 27, 2015

Wisconsin had a razor-thin budget balance at the close of the fiscal year that ended in June, barely meeting the constitutional requirement for a balanced budget. Even this very narrow margin was possible only because Wisconsin had already taken several … Read more

What’s in the Budget? Updated Resources Explain

July 21, 2015

Governor Walker has signed the budget that determines Wisconsin’s spending priorities over the next two years and also makes many changes to policies that are not related to the state’s finances. His signature finalizes the budget bill and marks the … Read more

Cost Adds Up for Tax Cuts Included in the Budget

July 16, 2015

Lawmakers included four major tax cuts in the 2015-17 budget, at the same time as they were limiting resources for critically important institutions like the University of Wisconsin system and public schools. When fully implemented, the tax cuts will reduce … Read more

Lawmakers Tap General Fund – Again – to Pay for Roads

July 15, 2015

A sizable portion of new transportation borrowing approved by lawmakers will be repaid from the state’s General Fund, rather than from the Transportation Fund. The General Fund is the state’s main account for spending on education, health care, and communities. … Read more

[Video] Three Ways the Wisconsin Budget Harms Children and Families

July 13, 2015

How will the Wisconsin budget harm children and families? Watch these kids explain.

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Budget is Loaded with Changes Not Related to State’s Finances

July 9, 2015

The budget that heads to Governor Walker’s desk for a signature includes over a hundred policy items unrelated to the state’s finances, a sharp increase from recent budgets. Including non-fiscal items in the state budget reduces opportunities for public participation … Read more

Interactive Data Feature: Change in General Aid to School Districts

July 7, 2015

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Tax Cuts Haven’t Boosted Wisconsin Economy

June 16, 2015

Wisconsin lawmakers on the legislature’s budget committee will probably meet this week to make decisions about a proposed income tax cut for high earners and other changes to Wisconsin’s tax system, among other issues. They should keep in mind that … Read more

Under Proposal to Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax, Only Highest Earners Would Receive a Significant Tax Cut

June 12, 2015

Lawmakers have proposed eliminating Wisconsin’s Alternative Minimum Tax, a change that would give a tax cut to some people with high incomes and exclude nearly all taxpayers with incomes under $100,000. The legislature’s budget committee is likely to vote on … Read more