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Lawmakers Seek to Rescind Voters’ Decisions to Raise Resources for Local Schools on an On-going Basis

June 22, 2017

Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed stripping nearly $200 million in voter-approved resources from school districts across the state as part of a package of legislation aimed at making it more difficult for voters to raise taxes on themselves to pay for … Read more

President Trump’s Budget Would Make it Harder for Wisconsin to Strengthen its Workforce

June 19, 2017

President Trump visited the Milwaukee area last week, tweeting that he was “heading to the Great State of Wisconsin to talk about “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” Expanding opportunities for workers and developing the state’s workforce should be a top priority for … Read more

Kansas’ Experiment Yields Valuable Lessons

June 12, 2017
Kansas map

Wisconsin lawmakers should heed the warnings from Kansas

Wisconsin lawmakers advocating for additional tax cuts should consider the example of Kansas, a state that has pushed through enormous tax cuts and that has been held up by tax-cut proponents as Read more

When Work isn’t Enough: Effectively Supporting Wisconsin’s Working Families

June 8, 2017

Wisconsin workers should be able to earn enough to support their families and make ends meet. But many jobs in Wisconsin don’t pay enough to lift workers’ families out of poverty, or provide the benefits that families need, according to … Read more

For Wisconsin, Trump Budget Would Result in an Enormous Cost Shift

May 25, 2017

In addition to making deep cuts in public services, President Trump’s budget would also shift massive costs to Wisconsin at a time when our state is already struggling to meet needs for education, transportation, and other services Wisconsin residents rely … Read more

Proposed Changes to Transportation Finance Camouflage Tax Increase on Gas

May 12, 2017

State lawmakers have proposed changes to the way gas is taxed that would result in buyers paying more in taxes for each gallon of gasoline purchased.

The tax increase is part of a broad package proposed by Assembly Republicans that … Read more

New Income Tax Proposal Overwhelmingly Favors Highest Earners

May 11, 2017

Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly have proposed a package of tax cuts that would give extremely large tax breaks to earners with the highest incomes, while shutting out Wisconsin residents with low incomes.

The tax package has multiple components, the … Read more

Wisconsin Left with Little to Show for Nearly Eliminating Requirement that Manufacturers Pay Income Tax

May 3, 2017

The number of manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin has grown more slowly than the national average, despite a major new tax break that nearly wipes out income taxes for manufacturers.

The number of manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin grew by 1.4% between … Read more

Wisconsin Lawmakers Indicate a Willingness to Take Money from Education and Health Care to Fund Highways

April 27, 2017

Governor Walker and other state lawmakers have said they are open to redirecting money from a pot intended to support education, health care, and safe communities, and using the money for roads instead. That approach could lead to future … Read more

Public Money for Private Schools Gets a Boost in Governor Walker’s Budget

April 25, 2017

Governor Walker has proposed significantly increasing resources for Wisconsin’s public schools, a move that has gotten a great deal of attention – and has attracted some controversy for the size of the increase. But his budget also includes a major … Read more