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The Biggest Loser: Wisconsin’s Middle Class Shrinking Faster than in Any Other State

March 26, 2015

The middle class is being hard hit all over the country, and Wisconsin’s middle class is taking the hardest hit of all. Wisconsin’s middle class, once nearly the strongest in the country, has shrunk more than in any other state, … Read more

Runaway Tax Cut: Price Tag for Tax Credit far Higher than Expected

March 24, 2015

A tax cut that nearly wipes out income taxes for manufacturers is now expected to cost the state more than twice the original estimate, and has reduced resources for Wisconsin’s public schools and university system.

The Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Read more

Property Tax Cut Contributing to Deep Budget Cuts Benefits Second Home Owners and Profitable Corporations, Among Others

March 23, 2015

homestead-graphicThe budget proposed by Governor Walker includes significant new tax cuts, as well as deep cuts to the University System and public schools to pay for the proposed tax cuts and ones in the past. A new analysis by the Read more

Governor Doubles Down on Tax Cuts as Strategy to Fuel Growth

March 10, 2015

In a misguided attempt to encourage job growth, Wisconsin lawmakers have passed dozens of tax cuts in the last few years. Those tax cuts have a poor track record: they have not done much to improve the lives of Wisconsin’s … Read more

When is Money for Schools not Money for Schools? When It’s for Tax Cuts Instead

February 26, 2015

Why haven’t the property tax cuts included in Governor Walker’s budget proposal gotten much attention from the media or community advocates? One reason might be because of the way he has structured the tax cuts, which are mingled with state … Read more

New Summary of Community Issues in Governor’s Budget

February 24, 2015

Governor Walker has proposed a budget that nearly freezes an important funding source for counties and municipalities, which would make it harder for local governments to provide the services that make Wisconsin communities attractive places to do business and raise … Read more

New Resource Shows What Cuts to Education Would Mean for Individual School Districts

February 20, 2015

A new website demonstrates the magnitude of proposed cuts to education for individual school districts, and can serve as a resource for parents and other advocates for public education who want to show how the cuts will affect schools in … Read more

Resources for Corrections Would Outstrip State Support for University System, under Governor’s Proposal

February 18, 2015

Wisconsin would spend significantly more on prisons and corrections than on helping students pursue their educations at the University of Wisconsin System, if Governor Walker’s budget is passed without changes.

Governor Walker has called on lawmakers to dramatically reduce the … Read more

New Summary of K-12 Education Issues in Governor’s Budget

February 13, 2015

Governor Walker has proposed an education budget that cuts resources for children attending public schools, devotes additional public money to private schools, and cuts property taxes. A new budget summary released today by the Wisconsin Budget Project describes these and … Read more

Keeping up with the Wisconsin Budget Process

January 28, 2015

Over the next few months, lawmakers will be making decisions about how to allocate Wisconsin’s public resources — decisions that have the potential to help or hurt school kids across Wisconsin, senior citizens, health care providers and patients, people with … Read more