Blog Posts by Tamarine Cornelius

Wisconsin Spending More on Corrections, Less on Schools and Universities

November 19, 2015

State spending on corrections has climbed in recent years in Wisconsin, as spending on schools and the University of Wisconsin System has plummeted, according to a new report by the Wisconsin Budget Project. The result is that the state … Read more

Tax Credits that Help Veteran and Military Families are At Risk

November 10, 2015

Pro-work tax credits give a boost to thousands of veteran and military households in Wisconsin, but nearly half of those families will lose part or all of their tax credits unless Congress takes action.

Key provisions of the Earned Income … Read more

Schools Could Be Required to Wait as Long as Three Years after Unsuccessful Referendum to Try Again

November 6, 2015

A new proposal that would limit opportunities for voters to approve new resources for schools would in practice require districts to wait as long as three years after an unsuccessful referendum before trying again, significantly longer than the minimum two-year … Read more

Kicking the Can down the Road: Lawmakers Again Put off Hard Decisions on Highway Funding

November 5, 2015

State lawmakers have approved borrowing an additional $350 million over the next two years for highway construction and repair. That approval will drive debt repayment costs higher, take money from a pot intended to support education and health care, and … Read more

Wisconsin Governments Near Average in Revenue and Spending

October 29, 2015

Wisconsin is near average in many measures of government revenue and spending, according to new figures for 2013 that were released by the U.S. Census Bureau this week. That’s nothing new, as Wisconsin has been near the middle of the … Read more

Paying for Road Borrowing out of General Fund Would Reduce Resources for Important Wisconsin Priorities

October 21, 2015

Governor Walker has requested additional borrowing to pay for the construction and repair of highways. He requests that the repayment costs for the additional borrowing be paid out of the state’s main fund that supports the state’s public school … Read more

Wisconsin Has Far Fewer State Employees than Most States

October 6, 2015

Governor Walker’s proposal to overhaul the state’s civil service system for state employees has been in the news recently, but missing from the conversation is the fact that Wisconsin has significantly fewer state employees and smaller payrolls than most states. … Read more

Congress Should Make Improvements to Working Families’ Tax Credits Permanent

September 28, 2015

Congress has a chance this fall to save key provisions of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC), two proven pro-work strategies that help working families make ends meet and provide the basics for … Read more

Raising the Overtime Threshold Would Benefit Nearly 1 in 4 Salaried Workers in Wisconsin

September 2, 2015

Overtime provisions protect some workers who put in long hours, making sure that employees earn extra pay when they work overtime. But many low-paid salaried workers are not eligible to earn overtime pay, making it harder for those workers to … Read more