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Online Sales Grow, but Federal Action to Address Sales Tax Issue is Stalled

December 11, 2014

Holiday shoppers are increasingly turning to the internet to make their purchases, but Congress has yet to close a loophole that gives online only retailers an advantage over their bricks and mortar counterparts.

Currently, online retailers that do not have … Read more

More Tax Cuts for the Best-Off Won’t Help Wisconsin Economy

December 10, 2014

A prominent conservative advocacy group is asking Wisconsin legislators to pass additional tax cuts for the richest residents. New tax cuts for people with the highest incomes would do little to create jobs, and would undermine Wisconsin’s ability to … Read more

By Targeting Unions, Lawmakers Risk Lowering Wages for Workers

December 9, 2014

Weakening unions will be a top priority for state lawmakers when they next meet in January, according to new statements by legislative leaders. Unions help workers achieve higher wages, and limiting unions’ abilities to advocate for workers could make it … Read more

Transportation Budget Request Would Drain Resources from Schools and Communities

December 1, 2014

The head of Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation has proposed diverting resources usually used to build strong schools, communities, and health care systems, and use the money instead to construct and repair highways.

The Secretary of Transportation has recommended that that … Read more

Increase in Spending on Corrections Comes with Enormous Opportunity Costs

November 13, 2014

Wisconsin Corrections SpendingSpending on corrections has increased dramatically in Wisconsin in recent decades, reducing the resources available for quality schools, safe communities, and health care.

Wisconsin state spending on corrections rose by 308% between 1986 and 2013, when dollar amounts are adjusted … Read more

SNAP Helps Children in Struggling Families Get Enough to Eat

November 12, 2014


SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, help put food on the table for nearly half a million Wisconsin children in families with low incomes. Efforts to restrict access to SNAP, such as the changes Governor Walker has proposed, could … Read more

Voters in 27 Districts Raise Taxes on Themselves for Schools

November 7, 2014

Wisconsin voters approved ballot initiatives in 27 school districts on Tuesday, voluntarily raising property taxes in order to fund services or improve infrastructure in their districts.

Measures approved by voters included:

Election Results Show Broad Support for increasing Minimum Wage, in Wisconsin and Elsewhere

November 6, 2014

Voters in Wisconsin and across the country showed extensive support on Tuesday for increasing the minimum wage, by approving ballot measures calling for raises for the lowest-paid workers.

Across Wisconsin, 67% of voters approved raising the minimum wage to $10.10 … Read more

Let’s Ensure Transportation Finance Can Be a Two-Way Street

October 29, 2014

An efficient transportation network can’t exist entirely of one-way streets. It needs to be adaptable, with multiple modes of transportation and some areas where traffic flows in different directions. Likewise, the financing for a good transportation network needs flexibility, and … Read more

Wisconsin’s School Funding Cuts among the Nation’s Deepest

October 22, 2014

Wisconsin ranks 5th worst in the country in depth of cuts to school funding since the start of the recession. These cuts weaken our schools and could make it harder for the next generation of Wisconsin workers to compete … Read more