Budget Project Summaries of the Governor’s Budget Bill

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 The Wisconsin Budget Project has prepared a number of short papers about various aspects of the 2013-15 budget bill, and we’re working on a couple more.  You can find all of them at this portion of the Budget Project’s website, or use the link to each of the first five papers below.  

We’re using a different format this session.  Instead of relying on one comprehensive and detailed summary, we’ve been preparing a series of short papers.  We hope this format is more user-friendly and provides more of the context for each issue area.  Please comment on this blog post or contact us via e-mail to let us know what you think about these papers.  Here are the first five: 

2013-15 Budget Overview: How Wisconsin Goes From a Solid Surplus to a Sizeable Deficit – Wisconsin is expected to begin the 2013-15 budget period with a solid General Fund surplus, estimated to be about $420 million, but the Governor’s budget proposals would leave the state with a potential deficit of more than $600 million in the following biennium.

Taxes and Revenue in the Governor’s Proposed 2013-15 Budget – The Governor’s Budget includes a significant income tax cut and new resources for tax enforcement. The budget proposes several different ways of increasing revenue available for highways at the expense of other important programs, such as education and health care.

K-12 Education in the 2013-15 Budget – Governor Walker has proposed a two-year budget that freezes general funding for Wisconsin’s public schools, introduces new incentive payments for districts, expands resources for the state’s voucher and charter schools, and devotes significant money for evaluation in public schools.

An Overview of Health Care Issues in the 2013-15 Budget – The proposed budget plans to partially close the current gap in BadgerCare by extending eligibility to all adults below the poverty level who don’t have children, while cutting in half the current income eligibility ceiling for parents and caretakers.  This short paper summarizes that issue as well as a broad range of other health care measures in the budget bill.

An Overview of Child Care Issues in the 2013-15 Budget – The Governor’s Budget proposes significant reductions in the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program, with a cut of close to $16 million per year compared to the 2012-13 appropriation, a total reduction of $31 million over the biennium.

The next two short papers will be about public assistance (particularly the use of TANF block grant funds), and local aid.

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