Test your Knowledge of Taxes and Spending in Wisconsin: Based on 2012 figures

December 22, 2014

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1. Do Wisconsin state and local governments spend more money per person than governments in other states?
a. Yes, much more: Among the states, we rank 6th.
b. Wisconsin is about in the middle, and ranks … Read more

Middle of the Pack: Wisconsin Government Revenue is Not Out of Line

December 22, 2014

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Despite claims that Wisconsin is a high-tax state, it is actually close to average in many measures of revenue and spending among the states, according to new figures from the Census Bureau.

Wisconsin ranked 19th out of the … Read more

Tax Shifts Would Cut Taxes for Richest, Raise Taxes for Others

October 15, 2014

Expanding the sales tax to pay for income and property tax cuts would harm taxpayers with low incomes – and give large tax cuts to the highest earners.

Fewer Teachers, More Poverty Mean Challenges for Wisconsin Schools

August 27, 2014

As the new school year approaches, Wisconsin schools face significant challenges.

Breaking with Tradition: How Wisconsin Lawmakers Have Shortchanged a Legacy of Investment in the State’s Future

August 6, 2014

Since 2011, a majority of state lawmakers have turned their backs on Wisconsin’s long and proud history of investment in education, health care and other assets that once ensured the state’s civic and economic progress.

Missing Out: Recent Tax Cuts Deliver Little to People Who Earn the Least

June 3, 2014

Three major tax cut packages passed by the Wisconsin legislature have delivered relatively little benefit to the lowest earners, who are struggling to make ends meet. In dollar amounts, the largest tax cuts went to the Wisconsin taxpayers who earned the most.

Pulling Apart 2014: Focus on Wisconsin’s 1 Percent

February 28, 2014

Income inequality continues to grow in Wisconsin and the United States, producing an ever-widening chasm between the rich and the poor. Over the last 40 years, Wisconsin’s richest residents have experienced dramatic increases in income, while Wisconsinites not among the very highest earners saw their incomes stagnate or decline.

Supermajority Amendment Could Lead to Higher Borrowing Costs

February 20, 2014

A proposed constitutional amendment that would restrict state revenue could make it more expensive to maintain roads and bridges and finance other building projects by raising the state’s borrowing costs.