Federal Budget and Taxes

The Threat of a Constitutional Convention to Enact a Balanced Budget Amendment

September 22, 2017
A national effort is underway to pass state resolutions calling for a Constitutional convention to reduce the authority and powers of the federal government, including a balanced budget amendment.

At Risk: Improvements to Tax Credits for Working Families, Amounts by Congressional District and County

December 1, 2015
Congress has an opportunity this fall to save key provisions of two tax credits that benefit working families across Wisconsin.

Failure to Save Key Provisions to Tax Credits Would Harm Wisconsin Working Families

September 28, 2015
Unless Congress acts to save key provisions of two working family tax credits, Wisconsin’s working families may pay more in taxes and have a harder time making ends meet.

Vulnerable Wisconsin Families to Receive Less Food Assistance

October 30, 2013
Nearly 900,000 people in Wisconsin will have a harder time putting food on the table starting in November, when a temporary boost to FoodShare, Wisconsin’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), ends.

Get the Credit You Deserve: Tax Chart

September 11, 2013
Many Wisconsin low-income families miss out on their full tax refund because they do not claim tax credits for which they are eligible.

The Ryan Budget Would Harm Investments in Education, Health, and Transportation

April 3, 2013
The budget passed by the U.S. House of Representatives includes deep cuts in federal support for investments important for Wisconsin’s future.

Thousands of Jobless Wisconsin Workers Face Termination of Income at the End of December

December 13, 2012
This holiday season is a very worrisome one for the families of about two million Americans, including 40,000 in Wisconsin, who may soon lose their federal unemployment benefits. Those benefits, known as Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), are scheduled to end on December 29.

“Fiscal Cliff” Webinar Featuring Joan Huffer of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

December 12, 2012
On December 11, Joan Huffer of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington D.C.-based think tank that employs some of the nation's best minds on fiscal policy issues, presented a webinar on the so-called fiscal cliff.