Competing Proposals for Wisconsin Schools: A Comparison of Three Different Education Budgets

July 24, 2017
Governor Walker, Wisconsin Assembly Republicans, and Senate Republicans have each released their own version of an education budget. This table highlights the major areas of difference in their budget proposals, as well as the general reaction of education advocates, a diverse group with varied positions.

Missing Out: Recent Tax Cuts Slanted in Favor of those with Highest Incomes

June 27, 2017
Since 2011, Wisconsin state lawmakers have made it a high priority to cut taxes, particularly personal income and property taxes. The tax cuts they have passed have disproportionately gone to Wisconsin residents with the highest incomes.

Competing Proposals for Wisconsin Schools: A Comparison of the Governor’s and the Assembly’s Education Budgets

June 22, 2017
In response to Governor Walker’s K-12 education budget proposal, Wisconsin Assembly Republicans have released their own version of an education budget. The Assembly version allocates about $90 million less in state funding to K-12 schools and would result in slightly higher taxes for property owners compared to the Governor’s budget.

Middle of the Pack: Wisconsin Government Revenue is Similar to that of Other States

March 13, 2017
Despite claims that Wisconsin is a high-spending state, it is actually close to average in many measures of revenue and spending among the states, according to figures from the Census Bureau.

A Summary of the Governor’s Proposed Budget for Higher Education

March 2, 2017
Governor Walker’s budget proposes freezing tuition at the state’s technical college system and cutting tuition for the University of Wisconsin System. He recommends slightly increasing state support to partly pay for the tuition freeze and cut. He also proposes a modest increase in state support for the UW System, distributing the funding based on how individual campuses perform on a specified set of outcome measures.

A Summary of the Governor’s Proposed Budget for Health Care

March 1, 2017
Governor Walker’s 2017-19 budget bill proposes many new requirements for participation in public assistance programs. However, relative to his previous budgets, the health care portion of the latest budget bill proposes relatively modest changes in health care funding and policy. Although the bill contains a few significant changes in BadgerCare and Medicaid policy, it’s likely that much more substantial changes will be debated later this year, after Congress considers proposals that could radically transform Medicaid.

A Summary of the Governor’s Proposed Budget for Taxes and Revenue

February 23, 2017
Governor Walker’s budget proposal continues his focus on cutting taxes. His proposal includes more than $500 million in income, property, and sales tax cuts over the two-year period that starts in July 2017. His budget also includes some tax increases: most notably, an increase in the amount of property taxes that some individuals with low incomes would pay.

A Summary of the Governor’s Proposed Budget for Early Care and Education

February 21, 2017
The Governor’s budget proposes a significant increase in funding for the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program. Nevertheless, the proposed appropriations would be far below the amounts expended in past years, before the state made policy changes that have significantly reduced the reimbursement rates and the number of families and providers participating in the subsidy program.