A Summary of Recent Legislative Action on Taxes and the Budget Process

March 31, 2016
Lawmakers introduced scores of bills to create or expand tax breaks, and also a number of bills relating to the budget process.

A Summary of Recent Legislative Action on Higher Education

March 30, 2016
Lawmakers passed several minor bills to expand opportunity for college students, but did not address the issue of helping students who graduate with a large amount of student loan debt.

Wisconsin’s Electorate and Economy: What the National Media Should Know about Wisconsin

March 29, 2016
A variety of facts about Wisconsin and how it compares to other states, for reporters and others looking for context for Wisconsin's presidential primary.

A Summary of Recent Legislative Action on Criminal Justice

March 24, 2016
Legislators passed several bills that affect public safety and the state’s corrections system. They also missed several opportunities to make major improvements to the corrections system.

A Summary of Recent Legislative Action on Education

March 21, 2016
Wisconsin state lawmakers wrapped up their legislative session, after passing several bills affecting education. Several proposals that received a significant amount of media coverage did not pass.

2016 Federal Poverty Levels

February 12, 2016

Wisconsin’s Public Sector is Leaner than Most Other States’

February 1, 2016
Wisconsin ranks 39th in the number of government workers per population, meaning Wisconsin’s state and local governments are leaner than all but 11 other states.

Proposed Limit Would Restrict New Resources for Schools, Even as Amended

December 16, 2015
Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed a change that would make it more difficult for voters to approve additional resources for children in public schools in their district. An amendment to the bill would make the limits less restrictive than originally proposed, but would still make it more difficult for residents to pass referenda increasing local support for schools.

At Risk: Improvements to Tax Credits for Working Families, Amounts by Congressional District and County

December 1, 2015
Congress has an opportunity this fall to save key provisions of two tax credits that benefit working families across Wisconsin.

Prison Price Tag: The High Cost of Wisconsin’s Corrections Policies

November 19, 2015
By emphasizing high-cost incarceration that has produced questionable results over less expensive alternatives, lawmakers require taxpayers and communities to pick up the bill for the state’s short-sighted priorities.