A Summary of the Governor’s Proposal for Taxes and Revenue

February 26, 2015
Governor Walker’s budget includes more than $300 million in new tax cuts. He proposes reducing the amount of support the state provides to critically important institutions to help pay for the new tax cuts and to close the deficit caused by last year’s tax cuts.

A Summary of the Governor’s Proposal for Local Aid

February 24, 2015
Governor Walker has proposed a budget that nearly freezes an important funding source for counties and municipalities, which would make it harder for local governments to provide the services that make Wisconsin communities attractive places to do business and raise families.

A Summary of the Governor’s Proposed Budget for K-12 Education

February 13, 2015
Governor Walker has proposed an education budget that cuts state support to public schools, freezes local support, devotes new resources to private schools, and cuts property taxes.

2015 Federal Poverty Levels

January 29, 2015

Pulling Apart 2015: Focus on Wisconsin’s 1%

January 27, 2015
Wisconsin’s growth and prosperity are not being widely shared. Over the last 40 years, Wisconsin’s richest residents have experienced dramatic increases in income, while Wisconsinites not among the very highest earners saw little or no income growth.

Wisconsin’s Public Sector is Leanest in Two Decades

January 21, 2015
The number of government workers in Wisconsin compared to the state’s population has dropped to its lowest level in 20 years, new Census figures show.

Middle of the Pack: Wisconsin Government Revenue is Not Out of Line

December 22, 2014
Despite claims that Wisconsin is a high-tax state, it is actually close to average in many measures of revenue and spending among the state.

Tax Shifts Would Cut Taxes for Richest, Raise Taxes for Others

October 15, 2014
Expanding the sales tax to pay for income and property tax cuts would harm taxpayers with low incomes – and give large tax cuts to the highest earners.

Fewer Teachers, More Poverty Mean Challenges for Wisconsin Schools

August 27, 2014
As the new school year approaches, Wisconsin schools face significant challenges.