Fast-tracked Constitutional Amendment Encounters Slight Speed Bump

Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 2:42 AM by

Will Procedural Delay Shed Some Sunlight on Rainy Day Fund?

The proposed constitutional amendment (AJR 21) to establish a “fiscal responsibility” fund for Wisconsin was debated on the Assembly floor Thursday, and the measure’s proponents got most of what they hoped for. They fended off all 6 amendments that were offered by Democrats, and the measure was moved to the “third reading” stage on a party-line vote of 56-39 (with Rep. Zigelbauer, an Independent, joining the Democrats in voting “no.”).

The only disappointment for the authors of the measure (AJR 21), was that they were unable to muster a two-thirds vote to suspend the rules and advance the bill to a final Assembly vote. As a result, the fast-tracked bill has been sidetracked temporarily – until the next floorperiod begins on May 10. Although I expect the measure to be approved then, the 3-week delay creates a least a modest hope for shedding some light on the concerns we have about the very restrictive standards for using the rainy day fund.

For additional information, see the Wisconsin Public Radio story printed in the Superior Telegram, and the Budget Project’s 2-page summary and analysis of the proposed resolution.

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