Finance Committee Votes Thursday on Shared Revenue, WEDC, Tech. Colleges

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Third Executive Session, on May 9, Will Include Broad Range of Issues

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) only met once last week and has scheduled just one executive session on the budget this week, on Thursday, May 9.  The committee will have to shift into a higher gear over the rest of the month; so don’t be surprised if they have three meetings a week over the next few weeks. 

The May 9 executive session on the budget will start at 10 a.m. in the JFC hearing room – 412 East.   Some of the budget issue areas on Thursday’s agenda include Shared Revenue, property tax levy limits, residency requirements, the Wisconsin Economic Development Commission, and the Technical College System.

Although property tax credits, such as the Homestead Credit, are one of the general subject areas on the agenda, there isn’t a Fiscal Bureau paper on the funding for that particular credit (although there will subsequently be one about the proposed penalties for fraudulent claims).  That makes it considerably less likely that the JFC will vote on one of our concerns – adjusting the Homestead Credit for inflation.  (See our blog posts on that topic.) 

A full list of the items being considered by the JFC on Thursday can be found here, with links to each of the papers.   Here’s a very incomplete list, with links to additional information and to a few of the many Legislative Fiscal Bureau papers on those issues: 

Employment Relations Commission 

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief — Direct Aid Payments  

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief  — Property Tax Credits 

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief — Property Taxation 

Residency Requirements 

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation 

Safety and Professional Services — Departmentwide and Professional Regulation 
Safety and Professional Services — Buildings and Environmental Regulation 

Veterans Affairs — Veterans Homes, Cemeteries, and Memorials 

Wisconsin Technical College System 

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