Interactive Data Feature: Change in General Aid to School Districts

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 4:02 PM by

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4 Responses to “Interactive Data Feature: Change in General Aid to School Districts”

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  2. doertzborn says:

    The map is does not tell the story of how this will impact property taxes. It would be helpful to have more meaningful factors included.

    • jclark says:

      doerzborn is correct. The limited nature of this data fails to tell the impact to taxpayers or schools. The data presented should be used cautiously and with foreknowledge it does not account for common variables that significantly impact school finance: enrollment changes, revenue limits, new/retiring capital debt, etc.

      It would be more telling if the data were presented as “General Aid per Pupil”.

      The data would be more meaningful if the Revenue Limit per Pupil amount were presented side-by-side. Changes in Revenue Limit more accurately define how much money is available to fund schools, versus the General Aid amount.

  3. jclark says:

    Be careful when comparing “Change in General Aid” between districts. While unpleasant news for both, the $423K decrease in Wisconsin Rapids is on scale different than the $406K decrease just down the road in lovely Adams-Friendship.