JFC Meets Wed. (Feb. 15) on DOA Plan to Lapse $123 Million

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As we noted in late December, the Secretary of the Dept. of Administration (DOA) submitted a plan on December 23 to lapse $123.3 million from agency budgets to the General Fund. The biennial budget bill required DOA to lapse $174.3 million, and DOA has determined that it needs to find most of that in the current fiscal year.  More than a third of the proposed lapses come from the UW System, which would be required to give back $46 million by June 30 of this year.

The full legislature doesn’t need to approve the DOA plan and won’t have a chance to vote on it, but the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) is given the opportunity to review it.  Because a JFC member objected to the plan, the committee has to meet to consider it. That meeting was announced this afternoon and is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, February 15, at 1:00 p.m. in room 412 NE.  (You can find the agenda on the JFC webpage.)

Some of the lapses that concern us include taking from the Dept. of Health Services $18.6 million of the latest federal bonus funding for children’s health care, and lapsing about $4.7 million from juvenile corrections – primarily from the state funding delivered to counties through the Youth Aids appropriation. (See our “Shifting the Shaft” blog post about the disproportionate share of the corrections system cuts that would be borne by the counties.)

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has prepared a thorough summary of the DOA lapse plan that the committee will consider.

Jon Peacock

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