JFC Schedules 30 Issues for May 3 Budget Votes

Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 11:55 PM by

The Joint Finance Committee’s second executive session on the budget bill, which will be on Tuesday May 3, will cover 30 different topics. You can find links to all 30 by clicking here.

The topics on the agenda include a couple of DHS issues (including the Well Woman Program), library aids and several other DPI issues, one PSC issue (stray voltage), the Historical Society, the State Treasurer’s office, American Indian Economic Development, the Investment Board, eleven different DOT papers, and several issues relating to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OCI).

Here’s a partial list of the specific topics, including links to particular papers:

DHS — 10% Across-the-Board Reduction for Nonstaff Costs — Well Woman Program (paper # 380)
DPI — Pupil Assessment (# 561)
DPI — State Aid and Local Maintenance of Fiscal Effort for Public Libraries (# 562)
DOA — American Indian Economic Development (# 115)
DOT — Transportation Fund Condition Statement (# 640)
DOT — Transportation Bonding and Debt Service (# 641)
DOT — Eliminate Southeast Wisconsin Transit Capital Assistance Program (# 655)
DOT — Intercity Bus Assistance Program (# 656)
DOT — Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program (# 658)
OCI — Lapse of Surplus Fee Revenues (# 400)
OCI — Medigap Helpline Modification (# 401)

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