Joint Finance Committee Membership Set

Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 3:17 AM by

Membership on the powerful Joint Finance Committee (JFC), which has a huge role in writing the state budget, was settled yesterday when Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca named Reps. Jennifer Shilling and Tamara Grigsby to the two committee spots reserved for Assembly Democrats. The number of JFC members who are Democrats will drop in each house from 6 to just two, following the longstanding practice.

Seats on the JFC are a hot commodity – one of the most prized spoils of political warfare. For as long as I can remember, they have been allocated according to a “winner takes (almost) all” formula, and that will continue next year. There are 16 seats on the committee – 8 for the Assembly and 8 for the House – and the majority party gets 6 of the 8 seats in each house. Thus, with Republicans taking control of both chambers, membership on the committee will soon be 12 Republicans and 4 Democrats – exactly the reverse of the equally lopsided membership this session.

Here are the members of the JFC for the coming session:

Senate: Alberta Darling, co-chair; Luther Olsen, vice-chair; Sheila Harsdorf; Joe Leibham; Glenn Grothman; Randy Hopper; Lena Taylor; Bob Jauch.

Assembly: Rob Vos, co-chair; Mark Gottlieb, vice-chair; Dan Meyer; Dan LeMahieu; John Nygren; Pat Strachota; Jennifer Shilling; Tamara Grigsby.

I suspect that the committee will have one last meeting while it is still under control of Democrats – when it holds the next of the quarterly section 13.10 meetings, which are typically used for such things as reviewing proposed transfers of funds within an agency’s budget and for review of federal Recovery Act funding. However, the traditional December meeting hasn’t been scheduled yet.


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