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Wisconsin a national leader in the “stickiness” of the state population

A new analysis of “home-grown” populations by finds that Wisconsin has one of the highest percentages among all states of residents who were born within the state – a characteristic sometimes referred to as the “stickiness” of the state population. About 74 percent of all Wisconsinites (and 68.4 percent of those age 25 and older) were born in the state – compared to a national average of 59 percent. According to their analysis of Census Bureau data, only Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania have higher percentages of residents who are home grown.

Governing looked at the data from large and medium cities as well as the state-level figures. Among the nine Wisconsin communities included in the analysis, Oshkosh had the largest percentage of adults age 25 and older who are Wisconsin-born, at 74% (followed by Waukesha at 71.2%). In fact, Oshkosh was 10th highest nationally in that regard (among communities large enough to be part of the analysis). To my surprise, Kenosha was lowest among the nine Wisconsin areas that were analyzed, having just 48.7% of residents 25 and older who are Wisconsin-born. I suspect that can be explained by the fact that it is so close to the state border. Madison is close behind at 49.1%, which isn’t surprising given the mobility of UW students, grads and faculty.

The interactivemap developed by Governing to show the degree of mobility is a very interesting resource. (The data it uses comes from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. See the Census Bureau’s press release for more information about the mobility study.)

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