May 15 JFC Agenda Includes DOR Staffing Issues

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The second Joint Finance Committee (JFC) meeting this week will be on Wednesday, May 15, starting at 10:00.  A full list of the items being considered can be found here, with links to each of the papers.   

One of the significant areas of discussion will be the Department of Revenue (DOR) budget, which includes a net increase of 32 positions to improve tax collections and fight fraud.   In another Budget Project Blog post today, Tamarine Cornelius explains that the new positions are expected to generate more than $6 in state tax revenue for each dollar invested.    

Other agencies on the agenda Wednesday include DOA, DNR, a few DHS issues (Care Facilities and Quality Assurance), and Ag (DATCP).  The outline below includes links to all six of the papers on DOR issues, as well as a very incomplete listing of other issues coming up Wednesday, with links to additional information and to some of the many Legislative Fiscal Bureau papers on those issues: 

Revenue — Tax Administration

Administration — General Agency Provisions

Administration — Procurement

Health Services — Care Facilities and Quality Assurance

Natural Resources — Stewardship

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