May 19 JFC Agenda Includes DPI, Tech. College System and DNR

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The Joint Finance Committee’s second meeting next week on the budget bill will be on Thursday, May 19th at 11 AM (in Room 412 East, State Capitol). The committee will take up many K-12 education issues, the Technical College System, and several DNR issues (including the Stewardship program and land acquisition and easements).

You can see all of Thursday’s budget papers on the Legislative Fiscal Bureau website. The issues we’ll be monitoring include the following:

Public Instruction — General & Categorical Aids and Revenue Limits
   — State Support for K-12 Education, General School Aids, and Revenue Limits – Base Reduction – # 525
   — Special Adjustment Aid – # 526
   — Carryover of Unused Revenue Authority – # 529
   — Revenue Limit Adjustments – # 530
   — Delete Pupil Achievement Program – # 535
   — Preschool to Grade 5 Program – # 536

Wisconsin Technical College System
   — Levy Limits and State General Aid to Technical College Districts – # 805

Watch our Comparative Summary of the budget to monitor the Finance Committee’s actions.

Jon Peacock

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