May 29 JFC Agenda Includes K-12 Education Issues

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After the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) wraps up work this evening on the May 23 agenda, its next meeting will be Wednesday, May 29, starting at 10:00 a.m. in Room 412 E.   The major topic of discussion and debate on the 29th will be K-12 education.  I believe all of the remaining K-12 issues are on the agenda.   

Other items on the agenda that day include some proposals for new sales tax exemptions, some of the smaller DHS issues, and the public benefits fund used for low-income weatherization and energy assistance.  

A full list of the items being considered can be found here, with links to each of the papers.   The outline below includes links to some of the many Legislative Fiscal Bureau papers: 

Low-Income Weatherization and Energy Assistance Program

Supreme Court  

General Fund Taxes — Sales and Excise Taxes

Health Services — Other Health Programs and Departmentwide

Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority

Public Instruction — General School Aid and Revenue Limits 

Public Instruction — Categorical Aids 

Public Instruction — Choice, Charter, and Open Enrollment 

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