May 5 JFC Agenda Includes Budget Management Issues (among 34 Total Papers)

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The Joint Finance Committee’s work really gets in high gear this week. In addition to Tuesday’s agenda of 30 issue papers, the Committee has now scheduled an additional 34 papers on Thursday, May 5. That executive session will begin at 11:00 a.m., in the JFC meeting room (412 East, State Capitol).

The May 5th agenda includes the following agencies: Dept. of Military Affairs, Government Accountability Board, Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Home), Building Commission, Budget Management and Compensation Reserves, WI Health and Educational Facilities Authority, Arts Board, Dept. of Tourism, State Fair Park, Environmental Improvement Fund, and Dept. of Natural Resources (11 different papers under the category “Fish, Wildlife and Recreation”).

Thursday’s agenda isn’t a terribly exciting lineup of issues, but a few of the papers pertain to significant budget management issues (such as the statutory reserve requirement) and budget-balancing strategies, such as debt restructuring:
   — Compensation Reserves Overview (paper #165)
   — Authority to Lapse or Transfer Moneys to the General Fund (paper #166)
   — Required General Fund Statutory Reserve (paper #167)
   — GPR Debt Restructuring (paper #175)

You can find links to all 34 papers on the May 5th agenda here.

Jon Peacock

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