Minimum Wage Increase Introduced in WI Senate, and under Consideration in Other States

Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 5:36 PM by

A minimum wage bill, SB 4, was introduced in the Wisconsin Senate on January 31 by Senator Wirch and Rep. Mason.  A total of 34 legislators have signed onto the bill.  Unfortunately, none of the cosponsors are Republicans.

The minimum wage in Wisconsin has been $7.25 per hour for most workers since July 2009.  Senate Bill 4 would increase it to $7.60 (except for minors and currently exempt categories of workers), and beginning in September 2014 would require the Dept. of Workforce Development to make annual adjustments for inflation. It would also allow local governments in Wisconsin to set higher minimum wages. 

The minimum wage has already increased in about a dozen states this year, including 10 states where it rises annually with inflation.  As an article in the USA Today reported, a total of 23 states have either increased it already this year or are considering bills or ballot measures to  increases their minimum wage.   

In New York state, where Governor Cuomo has proposed raising the minimum wage from $7.25 now to $8.75, a recent study by the Fiscal Policy Institute and the National Employment Law Project concluded that the increase could create as many as 7,300 full-time jobs.

Jon Peacock 

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