Most Favor Balanced Approach to Closing Budget Deficit, New Poll Shows

Monday, February 28, 2011 at 10:42 PM by

More than two-thirds of Wisconsin voters favor a mix of revenue increases and spending cuts to address the state’s budget deficit, according to a new poll by

Perhaps the results of this poll will give the legislators food for thought as they deliberate on Governor Walker’s biennial budget proposal, due out tomorrow. According to the survey of 500 likely voters, 30% of respondents indicate the state should rely solely on spending cuts to close the state budget deficit. Another 67% favor a balanced approach that incorporates both spending cuts and tax increases. The remaining 3% prefer relying solely on tax increases or were not sure.

We believe that an all-cuts budget will degrade the public structures and services Wisconsin needs in order to be poised to take advantage of new economic opportunities that will arise as the recession ends.

Wisconsinites understand the need for shared sacrifice, our budget challenges are real. But in addition to identifying potential spending cuts, we need to seek out opportunities to enhance revenue. We should do a better job collecting the revenue that is owed to the state, work to close tax loopholes, and maintain recent improvements to the tax code that have increased revenue. In other words, the sacrifice should truly be shared.

When legislators start deliberations on the Governor’s biennial budget bill, they should remember that most Wisconsin residents favor balanced approach in tackling our budget difficulties.

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