Most-Read Posts of 2014

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What a year!

2014 was a roller coaster period for Wisconsin. The state started off the year with a budget surplus, passed more tax cuts, and will now have to figure out how to close the resulting budget shortfall. Republicans strengthened their dominance in the state legislature, and have vowed to continue making dramatic changes to the way Wisconsin supports its families, schools, and communities.

Here at the Wisconsin Budget Project, we’ve been working all year to make sense of complex budget-related issues and explain how decisions made by lawmakers help or harm people in Wisconsin. A look back at our most-read posts and publications over the last year serves as a snapshot of budget decisions made over the course of 2014, and demonstrates the consequences of those decisions.

Thank you for reading in 2014. There are already signs that there is going to be plenty more to talk about in 2015. I have a feeling it’s going to be another roller coaster year.

Most-read posts of the year:

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  1. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    Looking for more good work from you guys in 2015. Keep on bringing reality into the often-confusing talk around budgets.