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Happy holidays from Jon and Tamarine at the Wisconsin Budget Project!

Wow, what a year! (I said that at the end of 2014 as well, but that statement holds true again this year.)

2015 was another roller coaster of a year for budget issues. State lawmakers passed a two-year budget this summer, as they do in every odd-numbered year, but the twist this time around was that Governor Walker’s campaign for the presidency kept him out of state for much of the period during which legislators were making budget decisions.

Governor Walker’s decision to campaign on his Wisconsin track record caused national media and potential voters to take a close look at the results of recent budget cuts in the state. Wisconsin’s significant cuts in state support for K-12 education and the University of Wisconsin System, and the slow pace of job growth in the state received national attention this summer, in part due to Governor Walker’s campaign.

Here at the Wisconsin Budget Project, we’ve been working all year to show how budget decisions made by lawmakers help or harm people in Wisconsin. A look back at our most-read posts and publications over the last year serves as a snapshot of budget decisions made over the course of 2015 and demonstrates some of the consequences of those decisions. Four out of our ten most-read posts from 2015 focus on education; the popularity of these posts shows how deeply Wisconsin residents value our state’s public school system.

Here’s the Most-Read list from our files for 2015. Stick with us in 2016 for more about how we can work together to make Wisconsin a great place to live, work, and do business:

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