New Census Data Shed Light on State and Local Revenue and Spending

Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 2:28 AM by

New figures released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that Wisconsin ranked 23rd in 2010 in total General Revenue for state and local governments. The state was 1.1% below average in General Revenue per capita, but 3.2% above average when it is measured relative to income (because the state’s per capita income was 4.2% below the national average in 2010).

Wisconsin’s total state and local taxes in 2010 ranked 9th for the second straight year when measured as a percentage of personal income, and ranked 15th when total taxes are compared on a per capita basis.  Our state always ranks much higher in taxes than in total General Revenue because we rely less than most other states on charges and fees and also receive less federal funding. Wisconsin ranked 32nd nationally in both of those revenue categories (measured relative to income).

Narrowing our focus again to just the tax revenue by far the largest share of total state and local taxes in Wisconsin, 39.5%, came from property taxes. The other major tax sources were personal income taxes at 23.7%, general sales taxes (17.4%), selective sales taxes (11.5%), and corporate income taxes (3.5%).

We’ll report later on the 2010 spending data and the revenue trends.

Jon Peacock

2 Responses to “New Census Data Shed Light on State and Local Revenue and Spending”

  1. Could you clarify what the “both” near the end of the 2nd paragraph refers to. Charges/fees and federal funding? Taxes and other charges/feet, etc. i.e., total General Revenue? Something else? Thanks!

  2. Jon Peacock says:

    What I was trying to convey (but didn’t make clear) is that WI was 32nd in 2010 in federal revenue (measured against state income) and also 32nd in charges/fees.
    I might have added that in both of those revenue categories we ranked 34th in dollars per capita.
    I’ll change a couple of words in the blog post to make it a little bit less ambiguous.)