New Tool for Visualizing Federal Income Tax Breaks

Monday, September 16, 2013 at 6:36 PM by

 A new interactive tool created by the National Priorities Project (NPP) provides a very interesting way to visualize the major federal income tax breaks.  The data tool allows you to see the size of the 10 major federal income tax breaks, and the results might surprise you. 

The combined cost of the ten largest tax breaks is more than $750 billion this year, and the top two account for nearly half of the total.  This web page compares those amounts, and the interactive tool allows you to also see who benefits from each and how the costs have changed over time.  As you move your mouse over the bars in the graph on the left, the charts on the right-hand side will change to show information about a specific tax break. 

While you’re on the NPP website, take a couple of minutes to explore some of the other interesting and useful information sources there.  


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