State Agencies Submit Budget Requests

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Preliminary DHS Document Seeks a $647 Million GPR Increase

Monday was the deadline for state agencies to submit their 2013-15 budget requests to the Department of Administration.  Nearly all of those requests can be found on the DOA website.

One agency whose budget isn’t there is the Dept. of Revenue. (I’ve noticed before that their request has come much later, so perhaps DOR has a different deadline.) I’m anxious to see what they request for the Earned Income Tax Credit because the Dept. of Children and Families budget proposes a $37 million cut in TANF block grant funding for the EITC in the second fiscal year.

That proposed cut represents the amount of TANF funds that are being used each year in the current biennium to supplant state GPR funds for the EITC.  Reversing that decision could be a good thing, since it would free up TANF funds to help meet needs in child care and W-2, but only if the DOR budget includes GPR funds to avoid another cut in the EITC (which was reduced in the last budget).

The Department of Health Services submitted a preliminary proposal that is likely to be revised significantly after the November elections. It does not include any of the costs and benefits related to implementation of the federal health care reform law, and it doesn’t propose any changes in eligibility or major cost-cutting initiatives, although it does include several proposals to reduce spending. Despite those measures, it would increase state GPR spending by $647 million over the next biennium.

Read more about the DHS budget in Patrick Marley’s article in the Journal Sentinel and in today’s WCCF blog post.

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