Taxes Make Investments in a Strong Economy Possible

Monday, April 14, 2014 at 6:00 AM by

firefighter2Tax Day is approaching, and with it comes many negative messages about taxes. But this Tax Day, let’s remember that to build a strong economy and create jobs, we need to invest in what works – and we can’t do that without taxes. 

To build a strong Wisconsin economy, we need to invest in assets that help businesses thrive and help hard-working people climb into the middle class. That means Wisconsin needs to continue our tradition of supporting high-quality schools and preschools, an affordable university system, a healthy workforce, and a clean environment.

Taxes make these investments possible.

When state lawmakers cut income taxes for the wealthy or for corporations, we undermine our ability to support important services that Wisconsin businesses and residents rely on every day.  We should focus on making sure we have the resources we need to invest in the building blocks of job creation and economic growth. If we don’t, we will limit Wisconsin’s opportunities and undermine our own prosperity.

Wisconsin has a proud history of investing in excellent schools, safe communities, a solid transportation network, and other foundations for economic growth. We invest in these important building blocks for our economy every day, not just on Tax Day.  If we want Wisconsin to build a strong economy, create jobs, and be globally competitive, we need to continue making these investments in the future.

Tamarine Cornelius

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