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The Wisconsin Budget Project produces high-quality research, clear and accurate data, and trusted policy analysis. And we make all of it available – for free – to everyone. We believe that this leads to more inclusive public debates, more voices being heard, and policy choices that better reflect the interests and values of everyone in our state, especially low- and moderate-income families.

If you agree that this is important, please consider a (tax deductible) donation to the Wisconsin Budget Project today

It’s hard to imagine a time when the significance of state budget choices has been so obvious. The decisions made earlier this year in the budget and budget repair bills are having profound effects on access to health care and human services, the quality of K-12 education, the affordability and quality of higher education, and the quality of life for thousands of public sector employees.

During a time when struggling low-wage workers have needed more help, the state budget substantially reduced the support to help keep them in the workforce and out of poverty – because of budget choices such as cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit, eroding the Homestead property tax credit, reducing child support enforcement, raising health care premiums and co-pays, and undermining access to child care subsidies.

These choices were avoidable. The Wisconsin Budget Project and our co-workers at WI Council on Children and Families played a leading role in organizing the Better Choices for Wisconsin coalition and developing the Wisconsin Values Budget, which illustrated how the state budget could be balanced without making such harmful cuts for Wisconsin’s families and its middle income and low-wage workers.

In the coming year, Wisconsin will face additional budget challenges and will debate the direction of future budgets. The WI Budget Project and WCCF will be actively engaged in documenting the consequences of the budget choices made in 2011, in developing alternatives to the budget slashing approach, and in advocating for a balanced solution to Wisconsin’s fiscal difficulties.

But at a time when our work is more important than ever, the Budget Project will be taking a substantial hit in our support from national funders. We need your help to close the hole in our budget, as we work to shed light on how Wisconsin can develop a better state budget.

With your help, the WI Budget Project will continue to play a critical role as a leading voice for tax and revenue policies that support the public investments that have made Wisconsin a great place to live and do business.

Thanks for your support.

Jon Peacock

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