Thirteen Assembly Republicans Endorse More Funding for K-12 Education

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 6:05 PM by

The prospects for an increase in the funding budgeted for Wisconsin’s public schools look a bit stronger now, after 13 Assembly Republicans released a letter Tuesday expressing their support “for an increase in K-12 funding and an increase in revenue limits.” 

Although the Governor’s budget bill does contain an  increase in school aid, it’s a very small increase and the revenue cap is frozen – which means that any boost a school gets in general aid has to be offset by reduced property tax revenue.  (See our two-page issue brief on the K-12 education budget.) 

It’s hard to say how much difference it will make that 13 Republican Representatives are willing to publicly say they support increased school aid and higher revenue limits.  There already appeared to be enough support among Republicans in the Senate to achieve at least a small boost for schools.  The letter from their colleagues in the Assembly strengthens the bargaining position of the Senate supporters of increased school funding when a deal on K-12 issues is worked out between the two houses.       

Jon Peacock 

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