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Just in time to ring in the new year, the Wisconsin Budget Project presents our top ten posts from 2010.

#10: Walker Recommends Eliminating Corporate Taxes 
October 27, 2010
Wisconsin policymakers will have to grapple next biennium with a deficit of roughly $3 billion. Incoming Governor Walker has proposed eliminating the corporate income tax, which would further increase the size of the state’s revenue shortfall.

#9: What Candidates Aren’t Saying About the State Budget 
October 19, 2010
Balancing the budget through cuts alone will likely drive up property taxes and reduce services that are critical to well-functioning communities.

#8: Lion’s Share of Tax Cuts Will Go To Highest Earners
December 20, 2010
High earners receive the most benefit in dollar amounts from the portion of the extended Bush tax cuts usually referred to as the “middle class tax cuts.”

#7: Economist Estimates Two-Year $3.1 Billion Deficit
September 22, 2010
A quick tutorial regarding three of the ways that one can calculate the budget gap for the next biennial budget.

#6: Rick’s Tax Mix Nixed (Too Quick?)
November 30, 2010
When a member of the Governor-elect’s transition team floated a proposal to increase the sales tax and decrease the income and property taxes, it was immediatedly attacked from both the left and the right. This post explained our mixed feelings in seeing the speed with which the regressive tax plan was denounced and shelved, precluding any opportunity for the public to examine the proposal’s merits and debate it in a rational way.

#5: New Data Show Wisconsin Still Has a Lean Public Sector
September 9, 2010
Wisconsin continues its decade-long trend of having fewer state and local employees than the national average, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data by the Wisconsin Budget Project.

#4: Supreme Court Ruling Adds to Wisconsin’s Substantial Budget Challenges
July 20, 2010
Wisconsin’s budget difficulties grew in July when the state’s Supreme Court ruled that the state must pay back the $200 million it transferred from the medical malpractice fund to help balance the 2007-09 budget.

#3: Americans Underestimate the Wealth Gap, But Want Far Less Disparity
October 8, 2010
The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the vast majority of Americans would prefer a much more level wealth distribution, along the lines of…Sweden’s!?!

#2: WI Continues to Lead Nation in Ratio of Manufacturing Jobs to Government Jobs
December 13, 2010
Whether the ratio of manufacturing jobs to government jobs is an important indicator of a state’s economic well-being is debatable, but if it is, then we should be celebrating Wisconsin’s status. Wisconsin continues to have the nation’s highest ratio of manufacturing jobs to government jobs.

. . . and the #1 blog post for the year is. . .

#1: Wisconsin Below Average in New Census Data on Per Capita State and Local Spending and Taxes
July 19, 2010
Data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that Wisconsin was below average in per capita state and local taxes and spending in fiscal year 2008.

Here’s looking ahead to another year filled with timely and insightful analysis from the Wisconsin Budget Project. Happy 2011!

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