Top Ten Budget Project Blog Posts of 2013 Include Several 2014 Issues

Sunday, January 5, 2014 at 2:47 PM by

After the holidays, we decided to look back at Budget Project’s most widely read blog posts of 2013.   Many of those were written during the last couple of months, and a few are about significant policy issues that will be debated in the coming weeks and months. 

Among the 180 WI Budget Project Blog posts in 2013, the following ten generated the most hits on our website:

  1)  Governor Walker’s Tax Shift Plan Would Raise Taxes for Most  (Dec. 19)

  2)  Wisconsin’s School Funding Cuts among the Nation’s Deepest  (Sept. 12)

  3)  861,000 Wisconsinites Will See Cuts to Food Assistance This Fall  (Aug. 1)

  4)  Supermajority Amendment Puts Wisconsin’s Future at Risk  (Dec. 23)

  5)  Top Ten Things to Know about the Expiring Federal Unemployment Benefits  (Dec. 26)

  6)  Packers and Vikings Tie the Game, but What about Wisconsin and Minnesota?  (Nov. 25)

  7)  Thousands of Wisconsinites Stand to Lose Unemployment Benefits Unless Congress Acts  (Dec. 2)

  8)  New Census Bureau Poverty Data Shows Economic Recovery Remains Slow for Vulnerable Families  (Sept. 19)

  9)  Minimum Wage Increase Introduced in WI Senate, and under Consideration in Other States  (Feb. 10)

  10)  Wisconsin Becomes 6th State to Add Tax Break for Private School Tuition  (June 24)

The number of views of our posts has increased significantly in recent months.  We appreciate your readership, and we welcome the addition of your comments to our posts.  We would also appreciate your assistance in sharing our posts via social media, if you like our work and think it provides s a useful alternative or complement to the more partisan commentary that dominates social media.

Best wishes for 2014.

Jon Peacock

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