Upcoming JFC Agenda Includes Transportation, Schools, and Tech Colleges

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The Joint Finance Committee is next scheduled to meet on Tuesday, May 24th and Thursday, May 26th, at 11 AM in Room 412 East in the State Capitol. On Tuesday, the Committee is scheduled to vote on issues related to the Department of Employee Trust Funds, the Government Accountability Board, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Health Services.

Here are some issues coming up on Tuesday that we’re especially interested in, and their associated Legislative Fiscal Bureau Budget Papers:

  • Depositing a portion of sales tax revenue into the Transportation Fund: LFB Paper #644
  • General transportation aids to local governments: LFB Paper #650
  • Shifting mass transit costs from the Transportation Fund to the General Fund: LFB Paper #651
  • Medical Asistance Base Reestimate: LFB Paper #340 
  • Unspecified changes to Medical Assistance: LFB Paper #341
  • Requiring SeniorCare Participants to Enroll in Medicare Part D: LFB Paper #344
  • FamilyCare enrollment cap: LFB Paper #342

On Thursday, May 26th, JFC has a mixed bag, and is slated to vote on issues related to the Educational Communications Board, Higher Educational Aids Board, Department of Administration, Department of Workforce Development, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Public Instruction. Some of these issues were previously scheduled and then set over.

Issues we’ll be following on Thursday include:

  • State support for K-12 education, general aid and revenue limits: LFB Paper #525
  • School revenue adjustments for school safety expenditures, above average transportation costs, and school nurses: LFB Paper #530
  • Levy limits and general aid to technical college districts: LFB Paper #805
  • Other issues related to DWD for which the budget papers have not yet been released

To see additional budget papers, go to the Fiscal Bureau website.

Joint Finance Co-chair Robin Vos has said that the Committee plans to finish its work on the budget by June 4th, according to the WisPolitics budget blog. Vos has told members to keep keep Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday open next week. He also told them to keep open Tuesday through Saturday the following week.

Watch our Comparative Summary of the budget to monitor the Finance Committee’s actions.

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