Updated Budget Project Summary of the Wisconsin Budget Bill

Friday, June 17, 2011 at 11:12 PM by

Now that the Legislature has completed its work on the 2011-13 budget, the Wisconsin Budget Project has updated our comprehensive (44 page) summary of the budget bill, showing how it evolved over the course of the budget process. Each section also includes links to the Fiscal Bureau documents and to other relevant material.

If you’re looking for a much more condensed summary of what the final budget bill means for Wisconsin families, there are a couple of other documents on our website that will help. Although we didn’t update these two documents this week, they are still current (alas) because these parts of the bill weren’t changed by the Assembly or Senate floor action.

Effects of the Biennial Budget and Budget Repair Bills for Working Families – This 2-page summary examines the ways that the 2011-13 budget bill and the budget repair bill will affect working families, particularly low-wage workers. It examines the cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Homestead Tax Credit, likely effects on health care programs, potential cuts to child care subsidies, diminished opportunities for education and training, and cuts to transit programs.  (Updated June 8, 2011)

The Budget’s Real-Life Impact on Wisconsin Families – This 2-pager shows more specifically what the dollars and cents effect of the budget will be for some hypothetical working-class families, disproportionately harming the state’s most vulnerable families. (updated June 2011)

We will produce further analyses of the budget in the coming weeks – beginning next week with an examination of how it will affect Medicaid policy-making in Wisconsin.

Please give us your feedback on any of these documents so we can continue to try to improve our efforts to provide summaries and analysis that people find timely and useful.

Jon Peacock

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