WCCF Blog Examines the Current Medicaid Deficit

Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 5:04 AM by

In his State of the State address Tuesday night, Governor Walker reiterated that he will introduce a budget adjustment bill to close a deficit in the current fiscal year (2010-11). That budget hole results in part from a shortfall in funding for Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus. (We outlined other factors in Monday’s Budget Project Blog post.)

Last week when Walker first indicated he would propose a budget adjustment bill, he put the 2010-11 Medicaid deficit at $214 million. Fortunately, by Monday when the Legislative Fiscal Bureau released its report on the status of the state budget, the current Medicaid deficit had declined to $153 million. A WCCF blog posted Wednesday summarizes the factors affecting that deficit and contains several recommendations for slowing the growth in Medicaid spending.

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