What’s in the Budget? Updated Resources Explain

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Governor Walker has signed the budget that determines Wisconsin’s spending priorities over the next two years and also makes many changes to policies that are not related to the state’s finances. His signature finalizes the budget bill and marks the last step in a budget process that began nearly a year ago.

This is the third biennial budget that Governor Walker has signed, and like the other two, this budget will have significant effects on the way people in Wisconsin live, work, and do business. In this budget, lawmakers:

  • Approved several tax cuts, including one that will mostly benefit taxpayers with incomes over $200,000;
  • Refused money from the federal government to improve access to health care for people with low incomes;
  • Cut more than $250 million over two years from the University of Wisconsin System and froze tuition, likely making it harder for students to graduate on time; and
  • Set in motion a dramatic expansion of a program that allows qualifying K-12 students to attend private school using publicly-funded vouchers for tuition.

Our budget resource page is a good place to start if you are wondering how the budget choices lawmakers made over the past few months will affect Wisconsin over the next two years. This site includes updated summaries of how the Wisconsin budget will affect:

Our budget resource page also shows how lawmakers could have made better budget decisions that would have strengthened assets critical to helping Wisconsin build a strong economy, including healthy families, safe and stable communities, and a well-educated workforce.

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