Wisconsin Leads the Nation in Ratio of Manufacturing to Government Jobs

July 8, 2010

A new analysis by the Wisconsin Budget Project examines data from all 50 states on the ratio of
manufacturing to government jobs. It shows that manufacturing has steadily been declining in
Wisconsin and across the nation, but Wisconsin’s ratio of manufacturing jobs to government jobs
was the highest in the country last year – slightly above Indiana and far above any other state.

On a number of occasions this year, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) has
lamented the fact that Wisconsin now has fewer manufacturing jobs than government jobs. A
WMC report, “Wisconsin Jobs 2010,” implies that this recent development is a worrisome turn
of events and reflects badly on Wisconsin’s business climate.

Jon Peacock, director of the Wisconsin Budget Project, said the statistic cited by WMC was
accurate but was very misleading when viewed separately from the national trends. “By
examining data from all 50 states, one can see that WMC’s lament is needlessly alarmist,
because Wisconsin was the single state that actually had more manufacturing jobs than
government jobs for most of last year,” Peacock said. Read the full press release.