Wisconsin on Pace to Create 250,000 New Jobs by 2056

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Wisconsin’s economy is growing so slowly it could take the state nearly half a century to create the 250,000 new private sector jobs that Governor Walker pledged — if job growth continues at the average rate since the end of 2010.

New figures released today show that between December 2010 and January 2012, Wisconsin gained a paltry 6,000 jobs in the private sector. To be on track to create 250,000 jobs over four years, Wisconsin would have had to gain jobs at a pace eleven times that fast. The chart below shows how far off pace Wisconsin is from the goal of creating 250,000 new private sector jobs.

What’s worse, the total number of jobs in Wisconsin decreased between December 2010 and January 2012. That’s because even though the state made very modest gains in private sector employment over this period, the number of jobs in the public sector declined. The bottom line is that there are nearly 8,500 fewer jobs – public or private – in Wisconsin in January 2012 than there were in December 2010, before the Governor and this Legislature took office.

On the positive side, the number of private sector jobs jumped by 15,700 jobs between December 2011 and January 2012, the biggest gain in recent memory. But even with this gain, Wisconsin has fewer private sector jobs than it did in the spring of 2011. January employment figures are preliminary and will be revised next month.

Governor Walker and the Legislature have declared Wisconsin “Open for Business,” have convened a special legislative session, and have cut support for our communities and schools, all in the name of job creation. So far, there has been little to show in the way of results.

Tamarine Cornelius

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